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Healthy Settings Approach

The Children and Young People’s public health team at NHS Sheffield is delighted to be working in partnership with the Sheffield United Community Foundation.

Meetings between the two teams have shown that there is a great deal of common ground in the work that Healthy Settings are doing with schools and the health programmes, ( Fit4Life and Fit4ABC), that the Community Foundation is delivering.

The Community Foundation health programmes complement the work that Healthy Settings are doing with schools on the new Healthy Schools Approach. Using this approach many schools in Sheffield are working on a priority of reducing obesity and delivering activities around healthy eating and physical activity.

Both the Fit4Life and Fit4ABC programmes can be used by schools as interventions that will help them to achieve the meaningful outcomes that they have or will be setting.

Please go to the Sheffield Healthy Settings (now involving children and young people aged 0-19) website (www.sheffieldhealthysettings.org.uk) for more information about the new approach.